Healing Intentions ~ Dina Ayala, CMT
"Healing Starts When Intentions Begin" A soulful approach to healing the physical body by also attending to the mind, heart and soul.


Welcome to Healing Intentions 
Take a deep breath and imagine lying on my table. It's cozy and warm on the flannel sheet. You are safe and comfortable. Take another deep breath as I put my warm hands on you with organic coconut oil to soothe your tired and aching muscles. You are here. You are all that matters to me this hour. Do you want to talk? Rest? Confide? It's up to you, I am here. You are safe in my therapeutic hands and loving heart. 
Healing Intentions
For over 20 years I have been studying the healing arts. Through my practice I have served many as they have traveled their path to a more holistic life. These are the services I provide my clients.
•  Swedish Massage  •  Reiki   •  Shiatsu  •  CranioSacral Therapy
•  Distance Healing  •  Herbal Consulting  •  Tarot Readings
•  Shamanic Practices
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